Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girl Talk by Nicole O'Dell

Are you looking for a resource for the teen or older tween girl in your life? One that answers the questions buzzing through her head? This colorful, magazine-like book could be just the ticket. It's like sitting down with a big sister and couple of friends and asking them the questions plaguing you. With its colorful and wisdom filled pages, this book is designed to be a go-to for young ladies with questions about life.

Questions about life stuff–relationships, body image, fashion. . . ? Look no further! This fabulous resource offers awesome advice from popular author of teen fiction, Nicole O’Dell. 180 days of Q&As plus related scripture selections will encourage and challenge your faith walk.

Popular blogging trio--mother, Nicole O'Dell, along with daughters, Emily and Natalie--offer trustworthy, biblically-based advice with a devotional flavor for girls ages 10 to 16. Culled from actual questions they've encountered on their blog site, this fabulous resource offers real-life helps for girls on issues including relationships, character, body image, fashion, gossip, and more. 

Girls will find 180 questions along with answers and related scripture selections that will both encourage and challenge them in their faith walk. Girl Talk, presented in a trendy format that reads like a magazine, is a super tool for girls' small groups or for individual use. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Halflings: in the vein of Percy Jackson thrillers

Halflings is the debut release by author Heather Burch. It is targeted to teens and has strong supernatural characters. I've been waiting for this book since meeting Heather at ACFW in September. My daughter stole the book the moment it arrived at our house. She literally couldn't put it down, reading it in the car, at the gym and everywhere in between.

Here's what she has to say:

Halflings was a really interesting book. It has a Percy Jackson feel minus the Greek mythology. It has a Christian spin with angels, hell hounds, demons, and other supernatural characters called halflings. All are battling over a teenage girl. The halflings are tasked with protecting her from the dark forces chasing her for unknown reasons. Nikki changes from a normal teenager to a girl fighting for her life. When the halflings first save her, she has no idea what they are other than they are gorgeous. Then she learns they are half angels/half human and determined to save her. She's just as adamant about protecting them. The battle is happening in a realm no one else can see. The Halflings look like normal teenagers to her friends.

Nikki isn't a Christian but through the battles begins to believe there could be more than science can explain. This is definitely the first book in a series that ends with the intensity of books like Percy Jackson.

What I liked most was the characters -- they were amazing because they were vibrant and I could picture them easily. Even though there are creatures in it that I've never seen I cared about them. A must read for lovers of mythic books.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Jerk Magnet Review

When this book arrived at our house, my daughter scooped it up immediately. A day later she returned with it and plea for the next book. Melody Carlson is quickly becoming one of her favorite authors. 

Here's more from my daughter:

What if beauty is more than just skin deep?

Chelsea Martin is a teenager who blends in and is tired of it. She wants to be noticed, but isn't sure how to make that happen. In steps her future stepmother with the expertise and her dad opens his wallet. The next thing she knows, she's going shopping, her old clothes are in the trash, and her eyebrows are waxed. She's gone from plain to jaw-dropping, a transformation that changes her life in more ways than she anticipated. The girls start ignoring her while the guys start gawking. She's not sure she likes the transformation.

After she's moved to California and made a friend, she and her friend hide their identity at youth camp. Chelsea transforms back into her original self with her wallflower ways. She learns that beauty is so much more than skin goes to who you are. 

I enjoyed reading this book because it was filled with humor. At the same time Chelsea made lots of mistakes as she worked through her transformation. She learned to moderate her changes as she learned who she truly was. There are lots of lessons in that as we learn how to become who we really are. 

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