Monday, September 5, 2011

The Alliance

Now Beka is a Christian for real. But she is stressed, stressed, and more stressed. Her life is going crazy. Which friend will she pick: Laurie, the friend who will most likely stick by her side, or Gretchen, the hot shot? She has to choose because Gretchen's boyfriend asks Laurie out. Laurie says no, but it kicks off a series of awful pay-backs and lies from Gretchen. Beka is caught in the middle, something many girls can relate to.

My daughter inhales these books. I think it's because she can relate to the characters, even if she hasn't been confronted by the exact situations Beka finds herself facing. Yet, having said that, even at her age there are still friendships complicated by boys. Reading books like this helps girls process how they would respond in similar situations.

A great read for tweens and young teens.

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