Monday, August 29, 2011

The Masquerade

While these books may be a few years old, my almost eleven year old is inhaling them and learning a ton from Beka's mistakes. (While she's eleven, she reads at an upper high-school level) They've lead to some great discussions between us as she processes what happens to Beka. Here's what my daughter has to say about this book:

The Masquerade is a WONDERFUL, AMAZING book. It is so life-like. The book was like a magnet that drew me back again and again. There were sometimes I laughed at her and other times I wanted to punch her, because her life is so messed up. She could fix it in an instant with some right choices, but she won't make those. So as she learned the hard way, I learned how to do it the right way. Beka is a little frustrating but fun because she handles her life in such an unusual way with unexpected choices. Beka has to Masquerade as a Christian. Pretending you're a Christian isn't easy, but she has to to feel like she fits in to her family. Her choices land her in a psychiatric hospital. It's quite the fun ride to take with her.

Watch for the butterflies. They are so cool -- and play a role in her deciding to become a Christian.

So if you have a tween or teen, you should suggest this book to them.

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