Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Children of Angels Review

As a homeschool mom, I am always looking for books that will engage my children's imaginations and be something we can enjoy together. Children of Angels builds from the what if question of what if there were still children of angels on earth? What would those children be like? How would being half-angel impact them? Because of the themes of spiritual warfare, bullying, and fights in the heavenlies, this is a good book for parents and kids to read and discuss together. Some plot threads reminded me of another popular tween series with the half-angel kids going to a special school. This is a book that may also intrigue that hard to reach tween boy population.

Children of Angels
“Not my iPod!” Jeremy Lapoint’s day plunges to record lows when Sid Lundahl and his crew stomp the only nice thing he owns-and Jeremy gets in trouble for fighting. With Dad in prison and Mom struggling to scrape by, Jeremy’s life seems hopeless.
Until he has this urge to … fly.
One leap and Jeremy soars through the air. With this and his other new-found powers, life is suddenly amazing, wonderful. Until a real-live demon chases him through the school hallways, terrifying him and making him a freak to his schoolmates. He’s the only one who can see the monster. Jeremy wonders if the flying thing’s worth it.
But during the chase, Asiel, Jeremy’s guardian angel, wields his sword and battles off the demon. Later Asiel explains that Jeremy’s a Nephilim: half human and half angel. Jeremy’s shocked. His quest to uncover how he got like this sends him to the Higher Humanity Institute where he meets other Nephilim like him along with a slew of enemies-both human and … not.
In the midst of his strange and dangerous struggles, Jeremy also receives the peace and love he’s always longed for but never knew. When called to lead an angelic battle for the truth, will Jeremy cling to the One who can win the war or let his old doubts and fears overtake him?
Fun, danger, friendship, mystery, and faith-along with awesome angels and demons-fill the pages of this exciting book. A must-read for kids (and grownups) craving adventure with a life-changing message.

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