Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Dare to be Different 2-in-1

My almost 11 y.o. LOVES the Scenario books. Yes, I capitalized on purpose because that almost captures her enthusiasm for this series.  Why does she love these books? Because she loves being the character and choosing the outcome. She'll select the wrong choice, and then go back and make the right choice. It leads to great conversations as we talk about what makes one choice better than the other.

In Dare to be Different, the first story Truth or Dare starts with friends playing a harmless game at regular sleep-overs. Then their games of Truth or Dare take a risky turn. One of them is dared to drink a can of beer. In All that Glitters, one of the girls has to decide whether to give in to her boyfriend and lie to her parents or tell the truth. There's also a party with drugs. The girls are learning how to address peer pressure to do things they know are wrong or take the hard stand of doing what is right. 

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