Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Risky Business 2-in-1

My almost 11 y.o. LOVES the Scenario books by Nicole O'Dell. Yes, I capitalized on purpose because that almost captures her enthusiasm for this series.  Why does she love these books? Because she loves being the character and choosing the outcome. She'll select the wrong choice, and then go back and make the right choice. It leads to great conversations as we talk about what makes one choice better than the other.

In the first story, Magna, one of the girls gets hired at a popular clothing store. Sneaking out coupons to her friends turns into pressure to help them shoplift dresses and jeans for an upcoming party. Will she do and what are the consequences if she does. And what should she do with the money she earns? Then in Making Waves, the main character joins a swim team and is offered performance enhancing drugs. What harm could come of that?

What I love about this book and the others in the series is the way they address real life issues head on, and help tweens and teens decide ahead of time what they would do in a similar situation. Like Choose your Adventures with a purpose.

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