Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Swept Away by Nicole O'Dell

My daughter literally squealed when this book arrived in the mail. She's been waiting for MONTHS for it to be published.

My almost 11 y.o. LOVES the Scenario books. Yes, I capitalized on purpose because that almost captures her enthusiasm for this series. When this book arrived, she literally peeled it from my hands and ran upstairs to start reading. Why does she love these books? Because she loves being the character and choosing the outcome. She'll select the wrong choice, and then go back and make the right choice. It leads to great conversations as we talk about what makes one choice better than the other.

For this 2-in-1 Swept Away, the girls face touch choices about sex and cheating for what looks like a good reason. I wasn't 100% sure my daughter was ready for the sex story, but I was wrong. This truly gave us good opportunities to have some needed girl talk. And Nicole handles the issue in a sensitive yet real way. The consequences are real and laid out for readers to weigh. How much better to consider what she would do now rather than in a few years when the pressure is on.

Please get these books for the tween girls in your life. They are wonderful stories with a purpose.

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